Monday, November 12, 2012

A Journey of Thankfulness- Day 12

Day 12- Isaac
I am thankful that today marks 6 months being in a relationship with my best friend.
I am amazed that God has so richly blessed me in this area of my life! I feel so undeserving. 
Isaac motivates me to not only be better person,
but shows me that in all aspects of life one can find a reason to laugh
 ( and that one should never be afraid of acting silly,
 because life is simply more fun when you embrace the silly side of it!) 
I am so thankful for someone who accepts me completely and understands me so well. 
I am thankful that he is my best friend, teammate,and encourager in my walk of faith. 
I can't imagine embarking on life's adventures with anyone else!
I am thankful that God blessed me so abundantly and I am so excited to where
 this chapter in our lives takes us!
I just can't put into words how happy this fellow makes me! 

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

Awe Rachel!! I love when good things like this happen to people!
It's truly amazing how God works.

(oh and reply to your comment on my blog, it's a 35mm film camera, Canon AE-1.)