Sunday, December 18, 2011

Horse Weather

^Delilah and I^
There is just something so rewarding when it comes to riding & being out on the farm. Nearly everyday this past week I have made the 20 mile back road drive to Two Hoots Farm (where the family horse is boarded and where I train horses/ride and give riding lessons). The farm, located on 55 acres of pure country and woodland, was so named because of the two owls that live on the property, usually as the sun sets they are found resting on the telephone line in front of the farm... gives the place a very serene feel at night.

I strap on my riding breeches, pack up the car with a sister or two & Titus, and we head off. The afternoons are spent grooming horses, chatting, watching Titus run non-stop around his newfound playground..herding birds or following me as I ride. And we ride , practice Dressage, fly over fences, and are full of smiles.

The weather has been what we call "Horse Weather" here in Florida. 60-70 degrees with a brilliant blue sky and warm sunshine. The horses are happy and we could ride for hours. Florida can been brutal in the summer for riding, so I take advantage of afternoon rides like this. While the world may be constantly moving and changing, riding has been the same for hundreds of years. I like that about it. The familiar smells of worn leather, horse, hay & grain.... the sounds of neighing, clanking of stirrups, and clomping of riding boots. I've grown up on these senses.

The feeling of being on a horse is like no other, being blessed with that gift.. and being able to communicate with them & learn from them.. God is good!



His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I wike your new doggy! He's very cute!

Brittany said...

Nice to finally see to infamous pooch! I love the pic of you and Delilah!