Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa makes lists? So can I!

Remember that "Winter Break To-Do List" I mentioned? well I believe I have completed it.

It's not something you're going to oooh and ahhh at... but there is just something about list making. That feeling of a cluttered mind organized on paper. Goals, things that need be remembered and checked off. Possibilities! Written in pencil of course in case I need to switch things around. Now, if only I could be organized about WHERE I keep my lists. I have a habit of just writing them in whatever notebook I find... and then forgetting where I wrote it. Ah, but I thought of a BRILLIANT plan. One notebook=all my lists. genius. So here goes, this is just a simplified list of things I need/want to set in motion during my break... so perhaps some of them will become habit by next year when the spring semester starts up.

My main goal this month is Balance... I need to rebalance some areas in my life.

  • Start a daily bible study. I'm going to be honest here... I've put a lot more time studying the topics related to my degree than God's word. There really is no excuse for that... God should come first, even if I only study one bible verse a day and pray. God comes first. ALWAYS. So I'm thinking I can read my AMAZING daily devotional bible in the mornings... and then really take the time to start studying a book of the bible at night...maybe one chapter a night.. if I have any questions I'm literally feet away from a full time minister= bonus points!
  • Manage money better. I've never been great with finances... not that I'm in debt or anything, but even though I've paid the majority of all my own bills & bought anything I need with my own money since I was about 14 , I quickly lose track of my spendings and savings. With my life as a college student entering its last chapter.... I have realized I need to start some good saving/spending habits... long term ones. So I've bought a little book where I literally write every single dime and penny I spend, and transfer, and when/why I use my debit & credit cards. This may be old news and old habit to a lot of you... but for me this a new habit! I'm hoping that with seeing where my money is going I'll be more aware of what changes need to be made.
  • Health & Wellness Reboot. I never realized how weak my body can get after bending over books for four months, and what a HUGE toll stress has taken on my body as well. I stress easily over things when I have a lot on my plate, and I think 7 classes+work+internship+service learning really was a lot for my body and I quickly lost track of my health and well being.. if I'm not in good health I certainly won't have good mental health to learn and study! So this week I really slept a lot... and now I feel like I'm to the point where I have a normal sleep pattern again..hooray! I'm also taking group classes at the YMCA like Pilates, Yoga, and Body Sculpting... not everyday but I really need to build up my strength and group classes really keep me motivated. I'm spending a lot of time outdoors with Titus, taking walks/light runs, and going to the horse farm ( riding is GREAT physical exercise!) I'm taking advantage of the sunshine, which is also great for my health! Every day I am doing some sort of physical thing, I'm not grounding myself to the treadmill or gym everyday. I feel like mixing things up is healthier. I'm also focusing on my eating habits... you know us college students can develop some horrible eating habits. I'm fine tuning my herbal remedy routine, vitamins, and making sure I add a lot of color to my plate. I'm also taking time to just sit and read or daydream.. my brain needs a mental break. Praying is perfect for this!
  • Improve time in the Saddle. Because of school I have had to take A LOT of time away from my riding and training the horses. The horses have had their vacation and so have I. With this break I want to take advantage of the extra time I have and ride as much as I can! I'm setting up a schedule for training the horses and also focusing on getting back into shape as a rider ( Pilates class helps! ha ha).
  • Spend quality time with friends & family. That is, if I still have friends. ha ha, just kidding! School has taken me away from a lot, including seeing family and friends as much as I would like... so planning time with my girls, movie dates with the group, and outings with family is on the agenda! I don't want to take for granted the time I have with them!

Hope you had a wonderful day!



Cylia said...

love overcomes everything:) god is love! trust in him. PS. To get a little bit in the Christmas mood.. Join my ‘Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway with Monki, Pull & Bear goodies and more! here:

lydia said...

Your goals are very impressive and inspiring! I hope you were able to find some of that balance during your break and start off the semester feeling refreshed!