Monday, December 12, 2011

"Praise The Lord!!!!"

is literally what I said as I walked out of the classroom just a few hours ago. I just took final #7, which was the last exam of the semester, and boy does it feel GREAT to be a free woman again!

Wow, what a huge mental weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. I know it'll take a few days for it to sink in that I am done with term 4 of 5. ( which means next semester is my LAST one, and then I graduate. from college. insane!)

I feel like I can see the sunshine again, I can breathe.

Winter Break is HERE!!!! Four weeks of no studying, cramming, stressing, and questioning whether or not I'll make it to next semester. I finally have a chance to catch up on sleep, family, revive my non-existent social life....... I can read for fun, I can watch movies late at night... I don't have to wear navy blue scrubs.... I can give the horses some attention again.

I don't have to deal with that guilty feeling of " oh, I really should be studying 5 billion things right now."

You have no idea how thankful I am that God has blessed me to pass yet another semester. He really has been so good to me, without His blessings I would not be where I am today!

So, I am looking at 4, almost completely blank, weeks in my calender. There are quite a few things I want do during this upcoming month... time to make a "Winter Break To-Do List"

This truly is the best Monday ever!


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Dani said...

Welcome back to the blogger world! You have been missed bunches!