Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the Eve of Christmas

well. Tomorrow is Christmas 2011. It's insane to think that we are in the year 2011, and Christmas is tomorrow...when did that sneak up on us?! I absolutely love this time of the year...because it has always felt to me like one big door is about close while another is ready to spring right open. I am on the edge of my seat praying I am prepared for what God has in store! This time around Christmas is on a Sunday ( in case you didn't know) I can't think of any better place to be on this Holiday than sitting on a long church pew with my family on either side of me... I pray the Lord will bless me to realize how incredibly blessed I am. Gosh. My life is filled to the brim with so much good, I just need to have open eyes to it all. Christmas eve my family enjoys Holiday food and a fitting movie ( we watch a whole lot of classic Christmas movies around this time of year.) This year's vote was Holiday Inn. Bing Crosby, you're a true Gent. Tomorrow we are off to Sunday morning church service, and then home for gift opening and a whole lot of eating & more movie watching. Around here we enjoy a laid back, take it easy, enjoy the memories kinda Christmas. Merry Christmas


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Anne of the grey submarine said...

I love Holiday Inn! And I enjoyed reading your post. Bing truly is a wonderful gentleman:)