Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just Let Your Feet Fly

Dare I say it? *sigh* oooh I just have to share this with you...I am too wired up not to. yesss, I went Swing Dancing again tonight. DANCING! I danced, again. the time just flew by I tell ya, whoosh and it was time for me to sadly leave the happy place of music and smiles, and groovy people, rad outfits, outstanding moves, twinkle lights, and terrific dance partners. ( these guys were ultra polite and brave and willing to tolerate my easily amused and distracted mind) I was surprised how much easier it all was for me, and I wasn't a bazillion arms lengths away from my partner staring at my toes and saying sorry over and over... I only stepped on one person's toes!! It's a record! I could dance without looking at my feet, do spins and twirls without spiraling into people or walls, and here's the big one..... I could talk to the other person and dance. at the SAME time. I multi-tasked. *faints* It was a different dance place then the last one I told you about.... it didn't have a huge shiny distracting disco ball... but it still had a bunch of distracting twinkle lights. What can I say, my easily distracted tiny brain can only take so much. It was a simply delightful evening. I think every weekend should be spent dancing until your feet hurt and your heart is filled to the brim with happiness... mine was. =]
I had a BLAST. ooh what jolly goood fun.
It was certainly a very special evening, (aside from the creepy older man who had way too much of a good time dancing with me the one time...*shivers* ha ha) I promise pictures next time, honest!!!
Have a Blessed Sunday tomorrow!!!
Count each and every blessing, for me? it will take a lifetime.


chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness i absolutely love dancing. and SWING DANCING! swoon. i adore it. how delightful! this make me want to go sign up for a class right now!!

Hannah Sue said...

I agree, we should go dancing every night!

Giovanna said...

this sounds awesome! seriously, i think i want to take a swing dancing class!

Elizabeth said...

Only one toe smashed? You're on your way!