Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Vewy Sorry Blogger....

I have been running around like a kid on a jelly bean high these past 2 days... work, school, homework, driving, studying for a bio test, more driving, remembering to eat, and sleep, and .... *deep breath* oooh but its all been a good , yes today was terrific Tuesday, and it was also my first day of my new internship( I attempted adding that to my busy plate today, I had some unexpected happenings come up!). I am exhausted and desperately need some R&R!
will you in this lovely happy world of blogging forgive me and perhaps still be my beloved friends and followers if I do not post my terrific post today? I always like to spend some time on them and right now im afraid it would not be as terrific as my idea wants it to be.
Im super ultra seriously honestly sorry to the tippyness of my little toesies!
I hope you are all doing well!!!!
I thank you in advance for your patience!!!!
Have a splendid evening on a couch with
some yummy ice-cream!
( well that's where I shall be anyhow!)


Taylor said...

That's an adorable picture, Rachel! ...And of course, I forgive you!! ;)

Oh, and that's funny... I just spent my evening... on the couch (ok, really my parents recliner)... with some yummy ice cream! :D

I hope you get some good rest!


Erika said...

I just have to say I'm lovin' that picture! So sweet and pretty!! :)