Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coffee Convo

*clears throat*
call me crazy, "special", paste eater, odd, or whatever word comes to mind as long as it is in the realm of not too rude and indecent.
But aside from my daily afternoon conversation with myself in the car all alone, or to other cars on the highway....I also have the most intense conversations with Me, Myself, and I in my little head. It all started with me waking up groggy, cuz I was not quite recovered from my 2 crazy candy high days.... and I was sitting in my early morning Algebra class admiring how sweet and quirky my teacher is and attempting to stay focused.....when this happened.....

Me: ok, I neeeed something....this feeling in my head is NOT good! I neeeed something
Myself: no no no, you young lady should be a little solider and look alert, and take notes- no! stop doodling!
I: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, yum yum Coffee, must have Coffee.
Me: YES! I totally need caffeine, what a witty solution! perfecto, that's what I need
Myself: whoa whoa waity wait a minute. You aren't a coffee girl, you hate the taste of coffee...unless it doesn't taste like coffee but a concoction of sugary delightful happiness. yellow teeth, they saaaay you get yellow teeth. why start now? you will not become that girl - ok seriously? an alien doodle? your such a nerd
Me: aw my teacher is SO sweet! she looks sorta like that one fairy...... gosh coffee sounds good. I want real coffee, why does sugary goodness not sound appealing right now? what is happening to me?
I: YES! real Coffee, go get. Now! Grande! no Tall. big cup! will make you look all college- girl-ish
Me: Starbucks, oh I do have that giftcard! I should be nice and use it.... I should get an extra shot! oh jolly good ive always wanted to try that! whoa, they guy behind me sounds like Michael Buble, when he talks.....
Myself: seriously? where is your brain today?
I: CLASS IS OUT, go, you have a mission, find Starbucks and buy your cup of cheer!!
and so I did, I ordered A Granda Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot.
big deal for me, I see a macchiato as a merger between sweet goodness and real coffee-ness
plus I can actually pronounce it right so its fun to order!
I felt very grownup adding the extra shot....and you know what? It worked, I am so perky now, can't ya tell? ha ha no worries, let's hope the is, a, rare occurrence?
Today is a Craving Day, so go eat chocolate, ramen noodles, black olives, drink coffee, or whatever your quirk may be!


chelsea rebecca said...

oh goodness this cracked me up!
i loved the convo with yourself!
today is definitely a craving day! i am going to get a free bagel and schmear at einstein brothers! i'm so excited! class is over so soon then i will rush and get one! thanks for brightening my dull class with this fun post!

Saura Lnow said...

I love you Rachel!
I think the part about the alien doodle is my favorite :)

Hannah said...

Love it!!!!!! You are hilarious! And now I'm craving coffee!

Kels said...

lol you are officially a college student Rach must have your morning coffee....and whenever Ms. Baird throws in her "cow" rant you must let me know what u think ha ha

Federica said...

Hahahahaha! :-)
Have a nice day,

Elizabeth said...

You're becoming an adult! :)

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I SO understand! I used to hate coffee and now I drink it daily. College life does that to you, I think! I always get a grande cafe mocha. And yes, grande DOES make you seeem more college-girl. At least in my opinion!

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