Friday, January 29, 2010

Blunder Blunder.... I moved out!

ah but only for 4 days...tee hee. as of right now I am sitting in a very quiet house, a house I have never been in before. since last night and on thru 'til monday I am house sitting for a friend, and her three doggy dogs are keeping me company and vise versa. It is always a little adventure house sitting, and I do believe this is my official first time! It's playing pretend, to see how it feels being all on my own lonesome at my pretend little pad. The biggest difference is not being constantly surrounded by family and or at least hearing them in the other room....their laughter or pitch of voice, the tv and sound of momma cleaning. Whimsical sounds, seriously, the sound or just presence and feeling of family is the sweetest! *gasp* do I sound like im pining? oooh dear will I be able to manage this? dont judge me yet....ha ha
On the other hand, or paw, or side, or view.... whichever you choose...
It's nice being alone and having plenty of time to think and catch up on various projects like homework...studying, witting letters, organizing my schedule....and sleeep!!
So... I dare say its been a jolly good Friday so far ..ah to be free from the grips of classes(yippe-dee-doo-dah for no college classes on fridays!!!) this week has been just plain crazy daisy and I am sooo superbly pleased that I have had a sloooow morning and the rest of the day should be just as swell!!

These 3 pups are my little friends (and constant shadows) for the weekend.... toy poodles. except for the one on the far right. I keep flip flopping talking to them in German accent and British just seems to come out like that whenever they are nearby.... we have become great friends I am quite sure...they have claimed my bed as their bed too...and as I type one is on my lap and the other on the top of the couch behind me...ha ha. I'm a poodle lady folks!

well be prepared for my updates from me at my pretend little home, I must go and study more ahhh I will NOT procrastinate no no missy.



Anonymous said...

Those pups look so cute, hope you had a good time hanging with them.
Happy Friday!

Hannah Sue said...

awww they are adorable! Sounds like a real adventure to me :)

Kels said...

sounds fun! :)