Friday, January 22, 2010

A Girl's Best Friend

{me on my dear friend horsey Delilah, earlier this week}
Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

The weekend is FINALLY here. oooh what joy and cheer it brings!!
Im vewwwy sorry my post is so late this time... Ive been out of the house.

Sooo, right this minute I am feeling exhausted, sleepy, groggy, skeptical, unsure, wondering, excited, surprised, happy, hopeful, sore....and oh so thankfully blessed!!
It has been a BUSY busy busy day. you know the kind that seem to go on foooorever, but then seem to just fly by at the same time? Where you feel like you will never have a chance to rest your feet or breathe or take it all in.
That's how my day has been, but it's all been worth it.
I literally do not think I shall ever move from this spot. ever. I am that tired. The kinda tired where you have worked alllll the live long day and you just know you will sleep oooh so good when bedtime arrives. A good tired. I love this tired. an accomplished tired!
Today ( among a very long list of other things including work) I went for an interview at a vewwwy fancy shmancy well-to-do brand spankin' new Equestrian Center.( horse place!)
It was an interview with their Hunter/Jumper trainer for a working student/internship position.
I was sooo surprised when I was offered this potential position earlier this week.
At first I was quite unsure and almost decided not to go for it... but then i realized that the least I could do is find out more info and see what I think.
I rode for the trainer and we sat down and did the big talk, and.........
I am going to be doing a "trial run" at the Center for the next couple of weeks.
To see if they like me and I like them.
I am sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!
Yippidy dooodah

Wish me luck!
P.S allllll of you who commented on my last post? you MADE my day!!! thank you dearest friends, I wish I could hug you all right now.


Anonymous said...

here have a hug..from me!!

and ONLY me.

chelsea rebecca said...

GOOD LUCK!!! and CONGRATULATIONS! i have to admit i am so jealous, i've always wanted to learn how to ride a horse. its just so elegant! and people look so free when they ride! i love that photo! keep us updated! xo

Hannah Sue said...

Good luck!!!!!!