Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Wellness Journey: Tough Mudder GA Prep

 I recently registered for Tough Mudder: Georgia 2013  and will be racing on a team with several of my lifelong friends ( even the boyfriend Isaac is doing it with me!). The event is Saturday, April 6, 2013 in Georgia.

I have exactly 4 months to get in shape for this 10-12 mile obstacle course race that will have 25 obstacles for me to tackle. All the proceeds go towards the Wounded Warrior Project!
Not only is this race for a good cause, it is a great way for me to take the next step in my wellness journey.

In January I made a diet change as a new year resolution ( read about that here & here). Basically, due to personal health reasons,  I went cold turkey and cut out all gluten and processed sugar from my diet. I can't even begin to tell you what I change it has made in my overall health ( chronic stomach pains are gone!). I also can't believe I have been on this diet for almost a year!

While I now seem to have a good handle and balance on my diet, I have realized that my fitness level is extremely low. As an equestrian I often ride 2-3 times a week and my job can also sometimes be physically demanding, but my strength and endurance level is still quite low. Tough Mudder is the perfect way to motivate me to start working out and hopefully develop a lifelong habit!

With the help of some athletic friends and trainers, I have a 4 month training program which I began the beginning of this week. I have signed up at a local gym with a coworker ( who is also doing Tough Mudder) and we are doing the program together! I  have also started fine tuning my diet.

I plan to start posting on  the blog weekly with updates on my progress ( the perfect way for me to keep track of it all!) I'll be including diet, fitness, wellness, health, etc. I also plan to do a monthly update with a photo ( like the one below) to document my progress! 

*disclaimer: I am NOT doing this program/diet to lose weight! I am very happy with my weight and am hoping to increase my muscle & strength as well as improve my overall health and wellness! 

Month 1-The beginning!
Height: 6''
Weight: 150.1 lb
Workout Routine: Going to the gym Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday. ( resting Wednesday, Saturday, & Sunday) Focusing this month on developing proper technique& form, as well as slowly developing muscle strength and endurance. Weight training each day( alternating muscle groups each day) as well as doing cardio ( running- 1st week running 14min after weight training and then adding 5-10min to that each week).
Diet: Besides being gluten and sugar free- I am now focusing on a HIGH protein, HIGH fat( healthy fats) , low carb diet. I've been doing this diet for about 2 months and so far I have been really happy with it! My energy levels are great ( no 2pm crash!) and I have also noticed an improvement in my overall ability to focus and sleep.
-I am also drinking a homemade protein shake after each workout!

I am excited to begin this next step in my journey!

Here is a short video of what Tough Mudder is-enjoy!


Brittany said...

"Girl you are CRAZY" said the pregnant girl : )

But really- I'm excited about seeing your progress. I can't wait to see your growing "guns!"


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I wish I had a quarter of your energy and determination! I could accomplish so much more!