Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Love Chew Toys

Hey guys!!!! So Mom has been pretty busy working because of the holidays ( that's ok because I get to go to work with her, it's my job to play with all the dogs who come to visit!! its the best job EVER and I'm really good at it). So I decided it was about time I posted on here.

I'm pretty happy right now.
Mom was running around all day yesterday cleaning and wrapping these really cool looking chew toys up ( she wouldn't let me chew them but I think they are all for me...I've never seen chew toys in so many different shapes and sizes!) and then she put them all under this tree that we brought inside and hung little chew toys on it... not sure why because I never get to bring the tree beaches I find inside! I like this holiday though, chew toy holidays are the best!!

Anyways, I have been really good at guarding all my wrapped chew toys under the tree and can't wait to rip all the paper. Plus, all of my Mom's family came home from Alabama to visit for my chew toy holiday! She's really happy they are home and I am too! My human brother Abel is back and we get to play every single day.



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Sofie said...

Oh my gosh, this was too cute! Titus is almost as good of a writer as you!