Monday, December 31, 2012

Here's to 2012 and the Future!

Wow. 2012 was a milestone year!

I entered my final semester of college & last term of the vet tech program, and boy was it a busy one!

 After 2 and half years my braces finally came off  just in time for graduation!

I had an amazing Spring Break at the beach with my family.

 After what seemed like a lifetime, I was officially pinned as a veterinary technician!

  I graduated from college and then passed my board exam and became a CVT!
 Isaac and I started dating, and it has been without a doubt one of the best decisions I have made!
 My best friend from Indiana came down and we went to Disney World and Universal Studios.
 I spent many memorable hours doing what I love, riding and being around the horses.

 Isaac and I went on many adventures and grew closer together.
 I took an AMAZING trip back up to Indiana, my old stomping grounds, and reunited with my childhood riding instructor and mentor, Ty.

 Isaac and I celebrated 6 months together and couldn't be happier!

 Delilah and I continued to do what we loved to do, Jump.

I celebrated a year of working with one of  the best Animal Hospitals, with the best team of people I could ever ask for..who are more like family than coworkers to me!
 Dad moved to Alabama in October to start his new job, and after months of being separated, we were blessed to all be together for Christmas this year. The perfect end to such a whirlwind of a year!

So much happened this year, so many milestones in my life, and so many blessings. 
This year was a year of roller coaster highs and lows. 
So many memories made with my family and friends.

It would be shameful right now to not thank God for how richly He has blessed this year. 
He blessed me with so many opportunities, and helped me achieve so many goals. 
He gave me more this year than I ever deserved to have, he has filled my cup to the brim and it runneth over with joy!

Looking back on this year I can't help but smile and be amazed, yet as it draws to a close I am looking forward to 2013 and what it may have in store.
I have a feeling that 2013 will be no less of a whirlwind than 2012 was, in fact, I have a hunch that this coming year is going to make 2012 look like a mellow year. ha ha.
Lord willing, 2013 will bring many life changes:
(Which means starting a new life, in a new town, with many changes -including a new job!)

I am determined  to really utilize this blog in 2013 by taking the time to document what happens as much as I possibly can. I know in years to come I will be glad that I took the time to write about the wedding & the move to Alabama (and everything else that may come my way) and I want all of you readers to be a part of  this upcoming chapter in my life!

I also have many goals swirling around in my all know how much I love to make lists, goals, and resolutions! I have decided to keep my list small, so that I can ensure that I have the time and energy to focus on them! Granted, my life is in the Lord's hands, and many times things do not go according to my plans....yet that is what makes the new year so exciting! It is a new chapter, full of curiosity and wonder of what is to come and all the opportunities that may arise!

1. Get to know God and His word better: I am almost embarrassed at times by how little I truly know in regards to God and what His word says...I want to make sure I set aside time each day to lean more about Him, and to really study the bible and gain a more knowledgeable understanding of it all. I want to grow closer to the Lord.

 2. Manage my money and finances: My goal this year is to give, save, and manage! I want to give as much as I possibly can to the church and those in need. I also want to increase my savings and put more into my "emergency fund", and I really want to keep track of where every single dollar goes, to see where I'm spending too much and what I can do to change that.(thanks Isaac for the inspiration to add this resolution!)

3. Be in the best shape I can possibly be in time for Tough Mudder GA in April! I am documenting my wellness journey on this blog and will be posting my month #1 recap later this week!

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