Thursday, October 25, 2012

Riding Weather

With weather like this both I and the horses are much happier campers when it comes to training and jumping! We don't get nearly as hot and sweaty as fast as we used to! Delilah has been having a blast jumping these past few weeks. She took a small spill earlier this month in her pasture, but after some time off  she bounced right back like nothing had ever happened and looks and feels great now!! ( she's such a trooper that Diva Mare) While work certainly keeps me busy,  I make sure I take advantage of any free time I have to work with her. She has made HUGE progress in her training, especially jumping courses ( and I have found out she prefers the larger jumps ha ha). So proud of that little mare, she's gained so much confidence and feels awesome. With that said, I leave you with a few pictures and videos from the past few weeks.

Happy Thursday!


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Yay for you and Delilah! Will we see you in the Rio Olympics? :)

Chelsea said...

This is awesome.
You're a beast!