Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Of Tea and Afternoons

 Top: Sara and Lydia
Bottom: Hannah and I
Chloe enjoying her tea!

This past Saturday afternoon I was walking up the sidewalk to our house after arriving home from work  and came across Sara and Hannah by the front door all dolled up like they had some place important and fun to go. Hannah's face immediately lit up with surprise and she exclaimed "What are you doing home?! Wait! You get off work at this time???" I reminded her that today was Saturday, and I only work until noon. "Oh!! Well,  all us girls are about to head over to the Tea Room, we made reservations and everything and have to leave, like,  right now!". I looked down at my scrubs covered in animal hair and then touched my hair, hmm, it could use a washing today but it wasn't too horrible. How could I pass up a girls day with all my sisters?! I decided I was fairly decent enough to go, ran inside, threw on the most wrinkle free dress I could find and bolted right back out the door. Then we all made the drive to "down town" for our afternoon tea reservation.
I love going to Camelia Rose. It's one of those places where you feel like you've have stepped back in time and the world just slows down for a little while. The place is beautifully decorated, the service is incredibly friendly and personable, and the tea is splendid! You are served your very own pot of tea so we each chose a tea to our liking ( I couldn't decide between the Gingerbread tea or the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry tea, I chose the Strawberry tea and let me tell you, how they got that pot of tea to taste just like a chocolate covered strawberry without any sugar added I have no idea! It was amazing!). We were then served the soup of the day which was Pumpkin soup or Northern Bean soup. Both were quite good! And then a tier filled with all sorts of tea treats was brought to the table, my sister's devoured them in minutes!
 I am such a huge fan of tea I almost downed two entire pots of the stuff before I realized what I was doing! 
Once afternoon tea had ended we then explored the local antique and consignment shops. I found a steal of a dress for only $12! Highlight of my day I tell ya! We then stopped by the cutest little old style candy shoppe I have ever been in! You should have seen the look on the shop owner's face when five girls walked through the door and immediately started oooooohing and ahhhing and saying " this is SO neat!!!".

Spending an afternoon with all four of my sisters was long overdue, so glad I caught them in time! 

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Brittany said...

Lucky girl : ) I would love to try the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Tea!