Thursday, October 4, 2012


I took this photograph while flying home from Indiana ( more about my recent  trip here). 
(There has been no filter added to this picture, nothing was edited)
Before take-off I wasn't quite sure how the flight would go, it was raining off and on, the wind was blowing, and all I could see were overcast skies. It was early in the morning and I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before...I was sad to be leaving but also just so ready to go home. I tried resting my eyes a little once I boarded the plane, according to the weather this was going to be a rather dull flight as far as the view was concerned. I was completely surprised when I opened my eyes a little while later and saw this incredible view outside my window! Down below it was raining cats and dogs yet above all the dreariness was this canopy of clouds, a bight sun and calm blue skies. Just an incredible sense of peace.

How small and unimportant I felt as I observed this beautiful sight. It really got me thinking about how consumed one can get with only what is going on directly around them.  We can become so  completely consumed with so many things in our lives: our jobs, our needs, problems, concerns, what others think and say of us, how we look to others, our dress and appearance, what we plan to do that day, our future, school, that to-do list that needs to get done, what we say, and how we feel.. we can become so engrossed with our own lives...our small little world and our own cloudy sky. It  becomes all we think about, the only thing that seems to matter.  Yet seeing this sight reminded me how small and unimportant my little life is- if I just look past my own overcast sky and realize that above it is this glorious light, this grand sense of awe, peace, and power! I want to be consumed with the one who created me, to look up towards that promising light instead of dwelling on myself and what is around me in this temporary world. 

It's so easy to become consumed with life, to live in the "moment" with no sense of direction. To only see what is below us instead of above us. I need to remember that while storms will come and go in my life, above those clouds there is always promise.

Let me be consumed with God and not this world.


Chelsea said...

There's something so... indescribable about that view above the clouds... one of my favorites!!

Ah it just gives almost a sense of heavenly bliss, especially right when the sun has risen over those clouds!

Jessica Wray said...

I love being on the plane during sunset or sunrise! Pretty picture