Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ten Lessons I've learned ( & still learning)

1. Practice saying no. You cannot please everybody, and yes you will run into people who dislike you. Don't let the pressure of wanting to be liked by others outweigh your beliefs and morals, no matter how small and innocent the matter may seem.

2. I have yet to meet someone who can do it all, and do it well everyday........balance your life..don't make it a goal to see just how much you can balance.

3. Snuggling, petting, and talking silly nonsense to a four legged furry friend is really great therapy.

4. Be sincere, be genuine, and be honest. You can only fake it for so long

5. Things could always be worse. No matter how hard life seems, or how tragic, be thankful you have the gift of life and realize that things could be much worse. There are those going through far worse than you.

6. God is in control.

7. Smiling and laughter really is good medicine. Surround yourself with those that bring out the positive and happy ( and good) in you.

8. Faith is the best replacement for worry. Worry gets you nowhere fast.

9. Classical music. Listen to it often, it's good for you.

10. The world got along just fine before the Internet and cellphones, so yes you can survive without it every once in a while. Take breaks from being constantly connected and soak in what's around you in the flesh.

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