Thursday, July 19, 2012

A little video

*watching in full scree is advised*
I've been busy working, but I thought I would take to the time to share a short video with you all today.
This is me jumping Delilah ( a.k.a Diva Mare)  my sister's mare that's I've been riding/training for almost 3 years. She has come SO far! ( came to me not knowing much of anything)  After a busy season of being in school and working we are finally starting to really move up in her jumping, which is her absolute FAVORITE thing! I haven't been able to do too much with her because of the intense FL heat and rainy season we are in at the moment, but  I was very pleased with her after this particular ride. It was a small simple course, ( highest jump was around 2ft 9in) but it took every ounce of Delilah's little mare brain to control and contain herself, and realize that yes, we can jump in a controlled manner! This mare loves to fly.

p.s. I know the video lighting isn't the greatest, but check out that gorgeous sunset! I am so blessed to ride at such a lovely place, we have sunsets like that one almost every night. 


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