Sunday, January 22, 2012


As I sat in church this morning, listening to the preacher read scripture.... I must admit my mind wandered for a little bit... I began to wonder if maybe I should have been a little more creative with my brochure assignment, or if that boarded specialist would ever return my call about that intern position I really needed, I wondered if had remembered to check invoices before leaving work Friday night, or how I had SO much I needed to do this upcoming week.

All this racing through my mind in the middle of a beautiful Sunday service, surrounded by my sisters and church family, and I am busy mentally going through my worry checklist.

That's when it hit me. I have a GREAT life, I say this firmly believing that I really do have an amazing. blessed. life. The fact that I am alive today, healthy and blessed with the ability to sense, learn, laugh and proof of that.

yet, I was also hit by the question. WHY?   why do I lose sight of that so quickly? Why do I weigh myself down with the worry about what I need to do, haven't done, or forgot to do. I put pressure on myself and am deathly afraid of making mistakes in so many areas of my life. Why do I forget about how GREAT my life is despite the worries?

Folks. It's because I am sinner. Plain and simple, and while we all have our share of bad habits, my # 1 is worry.

but then, during the midst of my daydream worry fest....  I suddenly remembered a conversation I had recently had with a friend , and the nugget of wisdom they unknowingly shared with me was suddenly revealed.This friend hit my issue nail on the head, sliced it right down the middle I tell ya.

" being selfless isn't thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less.  In a way, worrying  about things you need to do, or if you made a mistake, or afraid of forgetting something, or not doing it right the first time.. that's really all a form of selfish thinking. In reality you are consumed with yourself and your own problems. Instead, you should be consumed with God, and what you can do for others. That, is true selflessness. "

can I get an Amen? .

I have a BLESSED life. It does not deserve the worry and neglect I hand off to it, God does not deserve that. Each morning I wake up,  I have a fresh chance to be truly SELFLESS.

Hope you all had a truly wonderful weekend!


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Anne of the grey submarine said...

This is truly a great reminder. I will whole heatedly say "AMEN". :)

kornerstone said...

Ive been thinking a lot about this too lately...on a side note, I always make a little column on the side of my church notes and when i think if something i need to do I write it down really quick - then I stop worrying thatll I will forget helps me stay more sane in church lol