Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Required: Ability to Stay on One's Feet

Ohhhhh my gravy.
you would not believe how mad my feet are at me right now....
to quote a brilliant red-head " If my feet ever find out it was my idea... they'll kill me!"
gotta love Lucy. She and I would have been the best of friends.
Yesterday was a breakthrough day for me.
after 3 years of not attempting to balance on a set of 8 wheels, I once again attempted this daunting feat.
You see... I was ( and still am deep down) an avid tomboy. I was the girl who wrestled with boys, chased them, dared them, beat them at everything I could, I collected live lizards and climbed trees, caught bugs, yelled, played in the dirt, I did stunts on my bike and was always proud of my many "battle scars" I had all over my arms and legs, I also roller skated/bladed EVERYWHERE ( and rode my bike everywhere too..). I remember when they came out with clear wheels on Rollerblades. it was THE thing to have on my street as a kid. So I got me some Rollerblades with clear wheels. In a week they were so scuffed up they looked like white wheels instead of clear. ha ha. I loooved them.
I could skate. I mean... skate skate. I would go as fast as I could at the roller rink, doing turns, sometimes going backwards. weaving in and out. I was light and smaller..... my body seemed to be more flexible too.
now? wow. it has been 2 years or more since I even attempted to place my foot inside a skate. I've had a MaJoR growth spurt since then.... and my longer limbs don't cooperate as well...
I just got so busy with high school and moving across the country.... and before then I had only gone a couple of times with friends.
Most of you know by now Im not exactly graceful as a ballerina... and Im quite accident prone.
hhhaaa, you would not believe how the butterflies started flapping when I walked into the roller rink, music was blasting...and before me lay a huge flat, slippery, shiny, threatening surface.
oooh boy.
I just decided to follow the little kids who were clinging to the wall... and then I finally ventured out into the rink where real people skate.
It was fun.
but I skated very slowly.
and I only made one little kid fall.
I skated for about 2 hours straight.
my feet hate me.....i am soo sore.
But I can't wait to


chelsea rebecca said...

HOORAY for skating!!!
don't worry this is exactly how i skate to!! i am so afraid to fall so i always end up clinging to the wall!!

Elizabeth said...

Ahhh how fun!!! I can relate, I had skied when I was 9 and 10 and it was a blast, but when I became a teen, it was HORRIBLE! I fell and fell and fell! Not like you, I didn't get the hang of it again! :)

Oh P.S. I am glad we will be in the same state! I am so excited!! What part of Florida do you reside?

Federica said...

Thanks for your nice comment darling and happy weekend,

Nahl said...

The only time I skated was one of those few times where I kept falling after every few minutes..haha, no thanks, not for me. ;)