Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel..."

...... chopped off her hair. Well ok maybe not in the original story, but in the Barbie Rapunzel movie the evil stepmother DOES chop off her hair. she got mad.
Ok, so maybe I'm not Rapunzel, and I definitely don't have boys climbing up my hair ( it ain't even long enough for that!) or dragons for pets.But today, as part of my birthday coming up/ Kicking off the New Year 2010. I donated 10 inches of my hair to Locks of Love
This is my second time doing it. and It has been about 3 years since the first time. I have known for a long while that I wanted to do it again, and I am so glad I did. My hair has always grown REALLY fast... and I just decided to put my fast growing hair to good use. I wanted to do it for my birthday and the new year. It's such a good cause, and it makes your happiness level go WAY up! Just knowing that I will always be able to grow hair, when others cannot, makes it worth it. Plus after this I plan to try growing my hair SUPER long.
*BIG grin* This is the shortest my hair has ever been, besides when i was itty bitty,
It is completely new and different for me, and perfect for a fresh year! I like it, I really think I do =] , it will certainly take getting used too. ha ha, I feel like I lost 10 pounds! Boy will showering and getting ready be so much faster!!!
what do you all think?


Taylor said...

I think your haircut looks really cute! I love it... especially considering the fact that you were able to donate it to Locks of Love! :) I bet your hair feels much lighter now!


Saura Lnow said...

You. Are. Adorable.

Max-Frederick said...

it's so cute!

Elizabeth said...

How cute are you?! It looks so light and healthy :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh you look BEAUTIFUL!! I love it...........


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Love it!

Nasada said...

i like the....she got mad part in your little story!