Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009

2009, you were an amazing year. you were busy, slow, stressful, fabulous, hard, easy, terrible and wonderful, filled with euphoric moments, blissful ones, and sad moments. You had your weird days, your blissful days, your GREAT days, and your horrible days. God, you blessed me BEYOND my biggest ambitions this year. You showed me what it truly means to trust in you, how that if I just gave up all my troubles to you you really would take care of me. You proved to me what true faith is, you filled my soul with longing for you. I was pushed FAR out of my comfort zone this year, I had to take on challenges and responsibilities I expected, and then many I did not expect at all. It was a year of learning, a year of big changes for both myself and America. I think this was a testing year, for me, there were many temptations and crossroads.
I stumbled, but I also climbed. I failed, but I also accomplished and overcame.
It was a HARD year.
It was a HAPPY year.
all in all. it was a GOOD year, we are still free, we can still praise God. Let's not dwell on the hardships of 2009, but realize how much more it made us appreciate the many people and things in life we take for granted.
2009 Highlights.
*I turned 18
*I Graduated from high school. class of '09
* I spent a week in Alabama, at Harmony Highlands. A bit of heaven on earth.
*I became half owner of my very first horse!!
*I started college, and made it through my first semester =]
*I made new lasting friendships, and lost some.
* I fellow shipped with my brothers and sisters in Christ at many memorable meetings.
*I drove from Florida to Illinois and then flew right back all in 3 days
* I quit my job of 2 years, and am thankful I did, but will always remember the good memories of it.
*I found a new job, and new barn family.
and now for the resolutions. ooh boy, I am listing these on the world wide web.
kinda good though, holds me more accountable....but also more guilty if I don't do them.
oooh boy.
I'm excited though. 2010 YA'LL!!! wowowowow!!!
I'm ready to set some new challenges before me.
don't judge. ha ha.
**2010 Resolutions**
*Be accepted into HCC's Veterinary Technician Program
*Start Running weekly again. ( haa, gotta have one of these, plus I let it fall to the wayside..oops)
*Do more for others
*Try growing long-ish fingernails for a while ( this has always been an issue for me.. stupid nails.)
*Stick with my daily morning devotional, pray more
*Have an even healthier lifestyle ( can always use some work)
*be more patient. Make more time for things.
*Play 3 songs on the guitar. oh guitar, how I miss you so!
* Make it through school with good grades
*Keep on blogging!!
* bake more cupcakes and muffins!!!
* treat others the way I want to be treated.

I have many many more.... but that's another one of my resolutions, to not take on more then I can handle. I big issue for me, so that is my list. that's all I'm going to write.
What about you?



Kels said...

Rachel I love this blog. and your New Years Resolutions especially the one abt the fingernails that made me laugh...and looking at those pictures made me cry..this has been such a huge year I cant believe everything that has happened in some 365 odd days..and I can already hear you telling me that we only have next year to do it again but Its crazy watching everything go, I just want to say thanks for all the times youve laughed at my antics that no one else would get,and for being a friend even when Ive distanced good luck with all your new years resolutions with the Lord theres nothing you cant do!

Saura Lnow said...

Surviving is a good thing....I think we should all make a resolution to survive :)

S and O said...

oh hey cool!
I haven't turned 18 yet but I did graduate high school this year! Yay for classes of 09!!!
I hope you complete all of your New Year Resolutions:)
Happy New Year to you!

Taylor said...

Those are some great resolutions. ;) Happy New Year, Rachel! I hope you have a very blessed 2010.