Monday, December 28, 2009

"You've got to dance like nobody's watching and love it like it's never going to hurt.”

Guess what???
I went with a whole group of really groovy people, to this place called the Zendah Grotto.
and all they do there is swing dancing! with a live DJ blasting 1940's music from 8pm until 12am every Sunday. They even offer dancing lessons from 6pm-8pm for the clueless, like myself. The interesting part is when they are giving the lesson, all the couples are in a huge circle. and since at first there were less guys then girls, you went around the circle as the boys rotated girls. VERY interesting and somewhat creepy. during one rotation I danced with a very very short, older bearded man, who held my hand tighter then just a dancing grip. yeah, there were a few creeps. I also danced with some very dashing young gentlemen.
yes, it was a blast.
and after the lesson I could dance to my hearts content. I once again state the fact that I believe I was born in the wrong era

ok, so maybe I can't do that cool legs flying in the air thing like in first picture... and I'm pretty sure I can't dance like her at all. yet. but still, it was really great. See? I'm smiling. that's a good sign. And I have to thank each and every young man who risked their lives dancing with me, and tolerated my random blabber... I was nervous and distracted by the disco ball and twinkle lights, and all the pretty dancing couples. ok, so maybe I have officially ruined any chance of ever dancing with someone else again... but it was worth it. and apparently I looked decent doing it?? yeah, I have REALLY nice friends.


Dani said...

I am loving this post - much happiness for your new camera! Also, much happiness for swing dancing with charming young men.

Nahl said...

sweeeet...swing dancing, what an adventure!
I can't wait for a day when I can try it out.
and ahem, who's the boy you're dancing with in the picture? ;)

Rachel said...

oooh just one of the guys who came along, lol. it's the only picture I could find of me dancing.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I love swing dancing, so much fun!

Elizabeth said...

You make me laugh.

Kels said...

oh you are just so funny!....I am not in the least surprised that you danced or that you were are Rachel Abernathy...making girls jealous and breaking boys' hearts since 1991 lol! :) I agree with you on the wrong era thing too..the 40s and 50s would have been so fun!!