Monday, December 28, 2009

So Happy to be Back!!

Why hello!!! *sigh* it feels good, good good good to be sitting here in the morning blogging again.
I don't even know where one should start after not blogging for several days, during which they were having the time of their life.
Did you all have a good Christmas????
Oh I hope you did.
Christmas, as my mom would say, is a lot like a wedding.
all the preperation, and then in a blink it is over. however... christmas has ONE awesome exception... it doesn't go away forever, it just runs away to next year.
sadness, but that is why it makes this time of year oh so extra special.
ooh, yes, the face up there?
* confetti and streamers fly everywhere*
I was completely shocked, surprised, excited, giddy, and perhaps a little mental after opening it.
It's an adorable ruby red Nikon.
oh camera, we are only just getting to know each other, but I just know we shall be best friends.
As you would have guessed I immediatly went crazy taking pictures. =D
All of us kids and parents got really rad and groovy gifts.
Besides ripping my own presents apart, did I ever tell you I just LOVE opening presents, and wrapping them???
anywho, besides that I just loved watching my family open their gifts and seeing the expressions on their faces. priceless.
I can't believe my break is already halfway up, I knew it would go by fats, but this fast?
where's the pause button when you need it?
I hope all of you are enjoying your holiday... the New Year is almost here!!!
start working on those resolutions!!

( Our pretty tree.... we will miss it when it leaves us)

Have a FABULOUS day!!


Elizabeth said...

A camera! So lucky :) I can't wait to see what pictures you'll be taking.

Nahl said...

Oh wow congratulations!
I got myself a DSLR on my birthday, so I know how it is having a camera as a present.
Enjoy, and make sure you post up the pictures every now and then! :)