Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yeah, um, About that....

*clears throat*
It seems while I was trying to edit part of my template today I accidentally
yeah, um accidentally.....
( I am quite sure I most certainly REPEL technology now)
.......deleted part of my template without realizing it and then lost my background.
I had been thinking about changing it to 3 columns for some time,
I just guess my subconsciousness and Blogger decided today was the day to change it
so I found this *waves hand around*
I'm still trying to organize it and such, and I hope to find a neat header ( how do you bloggers GET those super nifty personalized headers?)
but besides it beng a work in progress...
whadiya think?
I hope your evening is filled with tasty thoughts and comfy couches =]


Dani said...

I like, but I'm not sure that it's happy and glowy enough to really look like you. Remind me soon, and I'll show you/walk you through making a cool custom header thingy.

Also, is it wrong, but I'm always swinging by to play the music.

Lil. Bit said...

If you give me the pictures I will gladly make one like ours for you! Love you!