Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I Want for Christmas....

Only about 8 days! JUST over a week!! It is TIME. people.
Time to either bore you or interest you with my semi-long-ish Christmas/birthday Wish List. *GRINS* I usually never ask for too much....
since my Birthday( which is January 4th) and Christmas are pretty close together. I am quite nice about it all and compromise( lol), you know.. "well, if you get me this for Christmas, instead of that,then you can just get that for my birthday!"
Wrapping, taping, bowing, tearing, ripping, squealing. the works.
I especially love giving presents, and thinking up gifty ideas.
presents make the world a giddy place to be. =]
So here is my wishlist.

A Camera.

If you only knew the story of my poor purple camera,
To put it short. I bought a lovely purple camera, took endless amounts of pictures. after 3 weeks of owning it. it died. for NO reason. Since I still had a warranty on it, I swapped it for a working one. well this new purple camera lasted an ENTIRE month before randomly dying.
For some reason I detest purple technology now. or perhaps I just repel technology altogether.
( no need to elaborate on my cell phone story) So that is why I never post new pictures on this blog, I haven't had a camera in 6 months. oh how I would love to fill this blog and many other places with photos! really. taking pictures is da bomb. It doesn't have to be the camera in the photo. any camera that doesn't randomly die and has the ability to take pictures will do. =]
These items from ( especially the dress!)
(actually I LOVE everything there, I want it all =])

Soda Fountain Dress in Ginger, size Medium

Always Blue Shoes I'm a size 10 in shoes, sometimes I can squeez into a 9 and a half. I always say I have *coughs* somewhat longer feet to balance out my height. *winks*

Giddy Up Tee in medium

Walking On Sunshine Heels

#3 Anything Vintage!

TEAL Velvety early 80's New Wave Belted Dress from Lolavintage

Bright MUSTARD 60's Cardigan Sweater from lolavintage

Denim Dream Dress from MarieRetroRevival

#4 Hats. ANY kind of hat. but especially...

A Fadora =]

Wow... A lot of clothes eh? but what more can a girl want? Christmas is a Merry time. So there is my little wishlist, what's on yours?


A Perfect Peach said...

I love everything at Modcloth - they've got the best stuff!

Last year for xmas, i received a camera like the one above and i still don't really know how to use it to its full capacity. thanks for the reminder that i need to learn! :) happy xmas!

Elizabeth said...

Love that denim dress although it brings back bad memories of what kinds of denim things I put together as outfits when I was a kid who didn't know any better.

And my birthday is four days after Christmas, so I totally know what you mean :)

Taylor said...

My birthday is on New Years Eve!! So I know what you mean about all that Christmas/birthday kind of mix. :)

Oh, and I love the yellow dress... I have a gray one just like it. ;)