Monday, December 7, 2009

Ribble Rubble Ramble

* whispers* that up there is not me.... sadly. It's just a rad 40's glam shot. =]
I have much on my mind as of late. In fact, I believe I have done far more deep thinking this past weekend then I have in a while. Some of you may know I already do far more in-depth thinking then I believe is humanly normal....
so I'm not sure if this all should frighten me or excite me.
I seem to always do it when I am in a crowd of people....
daydreaming or whatever you want to call it.
I will go through entire scenarios and multiple thoughts right in the midst of friends.
They will be jibbering and jabbering about something quite funny or pleasant
and there I am in a daze
Usually followed by me blinking and then fervently asking
"whaaa? what did you say? what were you guys talking about?
I'm so confused!"
.......I wonder why?

This happens a lot.
Sometimes I will just space out.
thinking of, um. er.
Or I'm distracted by shiny objects, or someones pretty smile, or groovy shoes.
it just happens.
and everything around me sounds extremely mumbled and unimportant.
Until I come out of it and realize it probably was of some importance.

(goodness look at me chasing after all these rabbits!)
This is the FINAL week of the fall semester.
I only have to endure 4 more days of studying and exams
I am incredibly giddy about this.
and then I will have an ENTIRE month to enjoy many pleasant happenings
I can't wait.


Taylor said...

Yay! I'm sure you're excited!

That whole post sounds like me. lol :) Although, I don't completely miss out on what's being said because I'm usually able to barely keep up, even though I'm in another world!

God bless!!

Nahl said...

Haha I know quite a few people who zone out-but my dad has to be the best at it. Mid conversation he'll start nodding and you'll realize he's talking to someone in his mind now. :P

Taylor said...

I tagged you, Rachel!


Federica said...

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