Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Happiness Freedom Brings...

I was totally going to blog yesterday...
But I ended up taking advantage of my free day
by attempting to do a little shopping at the mall.
I didn't buy much, actually just 2 items(gifts)
because my price range was not very broad this time....
they should take pity on me and put everything on sale whenever I come out.
haaaaaaa. dream on rachel.
But it was a splendid time! I went with a dear friend of mine,
and I found so many cute things.
I wanted to buy them all but made sure I paced myself.
I ate at this amazing yogurt shoppe, You Say When.
it's my ultimate favorite!
I also spent a majority of the time people-watching.
It's great fun, I could literally just go to mall, sit outside a coffee shop,
and watch people. for hours.
What are their lives like? what are they shopping for? what are their dreams and goals?
why do they dress the way they do...

I'm getting sidetracked...but I am just oh so pleased it is break!
Sometimes I will make a list of things that make me incandescently happy.
I think it's good for the mind, to just really focus on the things that truly make us happy.
it can be little itty bitty things, or great big bundles!

*photo from the web, but this is the shoppe I went to, I don't own a working camera at the moment =[*

Here is my list of things that make me incandescently happy!

  • Running through the grass barefoot
  • A barn full of well fed happy horses
  • Vintage. Anything Vintage
  • Sprinkles
  • Twirling in a floaty skirt
  • Hugs that last a while
  • Hats of any size or shape
  • Rosey red cheeks and noses during chilly weather
  • When the sun shines through my window and wakes me up warmly
  • inky ink pens
  • yogurt shoppes


AVY said...

It's always healthy to imagine what all those people are doing, it makes you realize that they have lifes to. Sometimes that's easy to forgett.

Dani said...

You know what makes me happy - randomly receiving Sonic food! Thanks super bunches.

Natalie said...

loved reading this list, all sound like bliss. wish i was running around barefoot on the grass on a sunny day :)))