Monday, December 14, 2009

Frolicking in the Field of Dreams

Good Morning,
one and all
who come hither to blunder and plunder throughout the many crooks and crannies
of this so called place of blogging.
I dare say my musing of the noggin can be quite trivial to read at times, the recesses of my inner most wonderings sometimes appear as a mess of buttons in a jar.
All different colors, shapes and ages.
This week has pushed off quite splendidly.
It started with a seed of goodly thought being planted in my mind yesterday.
Don't you just delight when someones comes up to you and gives you a kindly word of advice
or just says something.
Like a young seed in the unbroken earth,
so goes the seed of thought or knowledge into the vast mind.
It plunders and wonders throughout. looking to be planted.
ah, but if thou dost not let it find its place of rest....
it shall rant a rage causing great distress and unrest!
Mine found its place of growth quite quickly I must say.
I have a large collection of ambitions and dreams
and longing for good learning and pleasant but knowledgeable books.
The mind is like a sponge,and by gosh mine sure is a big'un!
With a break from the realm of scholars and professors...I have had much time to dwell on my longings and ambitions. I have so many, so so many!
I want to DO so many things, READ so many books, LEARN all sorts of learning's.
GO to many distant lands. There is so much I dare say, my cup seems to constantly brim up and overflow with it all. Where to start?
This week is going to be a change in the wind, I feel it. I shall no longer think I cannot learn as much as I would like, or fulfill any of the dreams I have.
I shall not be afraid of my most serious and deepest thoughts.
( I used to be deathly scared of serious thoughts, thinking I should only explore the shallow
childlike ones)
I shall allow my mind to stretch out as far as it can.
and I shall carrying with me a sack of happy and a rod of guidance
My seed. yes the seed that amazingly found its' into my
highly unorganized and somewhat childlike mind started this whole chain of events.
or rather, unburied them. for I must admit they have been there all along, constantly trying to pop out.
Perhaps down the lane....
which could come up rather fast, or slow.
Whatever the Lord's will is
I shall be in my home.
with my husband.
and we too shall begin to plant goodly seeds in our own children's minds.


Saura Lnow said...

I believe I shall think of my thoughts as buttons from now on :)
it's a wonderful similie

Nahl said...

What you want to do, you should start now.
I'm no one to say-but trust me, that's the only way to go. Good luck. =)