Saturday, November 28, 2009


  • I woke up at 6:30am bouncy with excitement
  • I rendezvoused with some awesome people
  • We drove to a magical happy place
  • I walked miles and miles and never noticed my whining feet
  • I heard at least 6 different languages(maybe more) and they were all beautiful
  • I went to 10 different countries
  • I saw the happy lit-up faces of children everywhere
  • I went on a mission to mars and succeeded
  • I was a Pilot, an Engineer, and a Navigator and it was a breeze
  • I felt the cool blast of wind in my face as our test car went up to 70 mph
  • I ate Italian chocolate and Japanese candy
  • I laughed and laughed and laughed
  • I cried
  • I danced and skipped, I twirled and bounced
  • I found Dori.
  • I soared over the Golden Gate Bridge
  • I saw grandma's and grandpa's having more fun than the little ones
  • I felt so happy inside that I was going to burst
  • I gave hugs, said farewell, and went home

Yesterday? I went to EPCOT with good friends. oh what a splendid fun fun day.

*Photos are from this past summer =]


Taylor said...

Sounds like you had a busy, fun-filled day! Glad you enjoyed it! :)


Kristin said...

Chucks and Disney. Sounds like a killer day to me!

Lil. Bit said...

Hey Those are my shoes! haha :)))