Monday, November 30, 2009

As I Sip On Apple Sider..

......I say farewell to November.
Goodbye beautiful month. You will be greatly missed.
November was a GOOD month, 30 days filled to the brim with gratitude, smiles, tears, changes, and enjoyments.

Some of the Highlights...

~* Did swing dancing for the first time
~* Discovered some really rad online vintage shops
~* Tried out several new recipes... Huzzah!

~* Completed the daunting, seemingly impossible, headache inducing, 2500 word research paper Touche'!

~* Celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday with my totally cool family. Each girl contributed to the feast by preparing her very own dish, and the boys offered clean-up duty!

~* Went to Disney World. to EPCOT. amazing. with church friends. amazing.

oh I could continue on to list every little delightful happening, but I'm not going to bore you readers with that. I must admit this month was amazing. My Fall Break was MUCH needed, since Finals are coming up my mind has the tendency to go into hyperventilating-stressingout-my brain is going to explode-mode.
Break came and I spent several days relaxing, reflecting, and being laZy.
Didn't think of school once.
Thank you November, You were even so kind as to throw in some perfectly brisk and somewhat chilly fall-ish weather right during Thanksgiving.
down here in Florida.
My longing for a chance to wear sweaters and hats salutes you.
God is good. SO good.
I am blessed. SO blessed.
I hope each of you had a splendid month as well!
Cheers to the upcoming month. A time of MERRY happenings!


Nahl said...

I loved November too! :)

♥Aubrey said...

Ahhh November...where did you go?!!!
Swing dancing sounds like it would be F.U.N.

Have i ever told you how adorable your profile pic is? Well...if i haven't now i have :)-

Taylor said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the month! I did too... and I'm so excited that December is here! :)