Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tea Time

Why hello!

I know it wasn't that long ago , but I miss blogging.
I am so pleased I decided to start blogging again.

After writing all sorts of "important" things for English2, It's nice to just come on here and let the words flow straight from my mind without having to filter it.... I seriously wish my English teacher would allow me to count blogging as my main source of writing material.

Oh what fun that would be!

You know what really gets me through a tough study session? Tea.

Not just any tea, but a soothing, warm, steaming, heavenly scented cup of tea.
It really puts me in a festive mood, and fills me with a warm cheery vibe that is perfect when facing long dull hours with the books.

It helps clear my mind, and warm my heart! Oh dearest cup of tea, you have been my close companion during these past few days.

Do you ever enjoy tea? what kind?

I am currently in love with Chai , Mint, Chamomile, and Green Tea.
Oh. and I do love coffee mugs and tea cups.

hmm... think I might have a cup a chamomile before going to sleep.



Kelly Spezzano said...

I ADORE Earl Grey tea! I could drink it every day/night! I especially like that it's available in decaf! I actually put sugar and milk in my tea.. how about you?

Anonymous said...


sorry to spoil your lovely blog........i like wait..i love you!!!