Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Journey of Thankfulness- Day 7

Day 7- Days Off
I am so thankful for days off. Don't get me wrong, most folks who have met me know I am the kinda gal who loves to work and enjoys staying busy. But I also think one can "go to work" too much and we all need a mental break, that day off, from time to time. ( or for me at least once or twice week if possible! ha ha) Thankfully the clinic I work at takes great care of their employees and not only ensures that everyone gets a day off each week, but they are also  fantastic with allowing me to take quite a bit of vacation time if needed! ( or wanted) Ironically,  my days off usually consist of me being busier than ever, but I'm busy doing the things I love...for the most part ( or tackling that ever growing to-do list!). Today I went out and gave training rides to several horses ( basically spent all morning out at the horse farm! *heaven*) and then the rest of my day was spent catching up with the family, doing laundry, researching a few things I've been interested in, working out, and watching a few movies. Overall a rather good day! I am thankful for everything I had the opportunity to do today, and I am SO thankful for days off!

Whatever "job" you may have, whether it be a career,  or maybe you're a  full time student, or perhaps you are a mother ( or mommy to be!)...take some time off and go bask in the sunshine!
Free yourself a little and count your blessings!

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