Monday, November 5, 2012

A Journey of Thankfulness-Day 5

Day 5- Mom

My mother is full to the brim of faith and forgiveness. I have never met a more steadfast woman than her. She married a traveling minister at the age of 23 ( my Daddy) raised 5 girls and 1 boy ( and still raising them since the baby, my little brother, is only 10). She quit her job as a nurse to be a homemaker and raise her children. She even took the time to teach us at home. My mom has gone through much throughout her life, yet not once have I ever seen her throw up her hands in defeat. Not once have I seen her give up, or break down and say she can't do this anymore. Her faith in God is something I wish I had. Her love for my Dad is unconditional. She has stood by her man without question and has picked up the family many times to move where The Lord has led him. She does not question God's will, she simply smiles and makes the most of what she has. She believes in each of her children and has always encouraged us do greater things and better ourselves all while putting God first in our lives. Now I see her as not only my mother, but the dearest friend I could ever ask for.
 I am so thankful for her.

*picture is from May, my college graduation, I get the height from my Dad obviously ha ha!

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Brittany said...

I just cried after reading this! You are so sweet and your mom is a walking testimony to me! Love you guys!