Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ingrid Michaelson & Sugar and the Hi Lows

This past week was a busy one at work, but the weekend certainly made up for it! I spent it catching up with three of my dearest friends and it was one of those weekends that left me quiet exhausted by the end of it all! ( but the good kind of exhausted) I am so thankful for the friends that treat ya just as close as they did before  even if you go months without seeing each other. But my weekend did not end on Sunday, oh no, even though I had to work the following day I was able to join my friends David and Becca for the Ingrid Michaelson  Acoustic Concert in Downtown Orlando that night! The concert was held in an old theater turned nightclub called the Beachum. It was an amazing place, small but not too small with an incredible vibe to it. Ingrid was opened by Sugar and the Hi Lows and let me tell you, I have heard a few of their songs but after hearing them perform live ( and acoustic) I am buying their album! Their vocal chemistry is perfect, and their bluesy, garage rock sound is right up my alley. Fantastic jam music. Then there was Ingird. oh my...first time hearing her perform live, let alone on one of her acoustic tours. Amazing. If she is in your area while on her acoustic tour GO hear her perform! She makes you feel like your an old friend of hers hanging out with her at a party....and all that girl needs is a ukulele or a piano and she makes music happen! In fact she could sing without a single instrument and still blow the crowd away with that voice of hers. One of my favorite concerts to date.

I apologize for the horrible picture quality, but I had such an amazing time last night I am posting them anyways!

 and with all that, I leave you with my favorite songs from last night. Feast your ears!

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