Thursday, September 27, 2012


( Abel and I, college graduation)

Today my one and only little brother turns ten years old. TEN YEARS OLD!
Wow, I feel like it was only a few moments ago that my entire family was crammed inside of  that delivery room with Mom waiting for kid number six to arrive. We all wondered if it would be girl #6 or would we all be surprised with a boy?! Mom was exhausted and this baby was a big one. Next thing I know the doctor is holding up a big screaming baby announcing " it's a boy!!!" whoa. waaaaiiiit a minute. I vividly remember standing in the corner thinking " no, it's always been a girl, a boy?! no way!!!!" it took a moment for the reality of the situation to sink in, but when the doctor called me over and gave me the opportunity to cut the cord I was most definitely looking at a bright red, screaming, dark headed baby boy. The entire family was thrilled! I don't know how many times I asked Mom for a baby brother, being the tomboy of the family I needed a partner in crime and a little brother was the perfect solution.  Now he was finally here and Abel James has been a blessing to us all ever since! Abel is a crazy smart kid with a lot of personality and the sarcastic humor of my father. He has put up with a lot growing up with five older sisters these past ten years but let me tell you, he takes it all in stride and keeps us on our toes. Abel and I have spent many afternoons playing football, learning how to ride horses, catching critters and exploring. He loves to build, create, and fix things and with his incredibly deep voice for his age you would think he was already a little man. Abel and I may have eleven years separating us but that doesn't stop us from having a great time. Abel sure can be an ornery little brother sometimes but I love him to pieces.

Happy birthday bro!

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Dani said...

Happy Birthday, Abel! Welcome to double digits!