Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Dinner

This past week we had a family dinner.  Our version of a family dinner means that everyone pitches in and helps with part of the meal. It was a rare moment to have all six children, both parents, and the future brother in-law all in the kitchen at one time!  The older we all get,  the more I cherish the times we can all be home together for a good meal. Oh how crowded that little kitchen was, and how we all loved it and laughed so much!  Daddy made his signature rice krispie treats, something only he can make although some of the girls attempted to give him advice on the art of mixing from time to time. However, Daddy knows Krispies best and as always they turned out perfect. It also warmed my heart so much to see my oldest sister Sara and her fiance Kenneth working side by side. They make quite the couple and Kenneth is already like a big brother to the rest of girls ( and little brother Abel of course).

Good food, laughter, and Daddy's booming voice...I love my family.

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