Monday, June 25, 2012

Sister Love

My one and only older sister had a young man ask for her hand earlier this month, and she said yes!

Sara is the big sister every younger sister like myself needs. She is sensible where I am impulsive. She is a servant where I am demanding. She is giving where I am selfish. She sets an example and  has kept me in line more times than I would care to admit! She brings my scattered, big dreamer brain back to reality. 

Being the oldest sibling of six, Sara has always carried a motherly type quality with her. ( in my younger days I called this something else..."Bossy" ha ha!) I often took this for granted, and there were many moments where we butted heads a little... (I am often too headstrong for my own good!) 
On the flip side Sara is my best friend. 
While we were often polar opposites growing up, as we've gotten older I have noticed that we seem to have met in the middle. Sara has become more of a free spirit and I am slowly learning how to control my impulsive energy and  headstrong behavior. We no longer see each other as "just" older and younger sisters....but the best of friends.  The close friendship of sisters is priceless and cannot be matched by any other friendship. 

When Kenneth proposed to Sara, and she showed me the ring, I thought of all the moments that had been spent talking about this day. When would one of us get engaged?Who would the guy be? What would it feel like? How would he propose? It seemed so far away in the future, and we spent many nights giggling and dreaming about it, yet  here I was staring down at a ring on my sister's left hand. 

She is going to be a married woman soon.
She will be LEAVING our family and starting her own.
One of my best friends will be living in another state.

The moment that I thought would never come is here.
Funny how life sneaks up on you like that.
I have never seen Sara more happy!
Yet now I realize that my days having her so close are numbered. 
I also realized that I will be the big sister of the house soon, and what big shoes I have to fill.

Cherish every moment you have with your sister, because one day her beloved knight will come and take her away to live happily ever after!


Brittany said...

This is so sweet. I love that picture of Sara & Kenneth!

Dani said...

Love this post. So happy for the two of them. :)

Hannah said...

This is exactly how I felt when my brothers got engaged. These last few days with her in the house will be some of the most special memories if you make them.

Kelly Spezzano said...

This post made me cry! What a sweet tribute to such a wonderful young woman! :)