Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's coming

{ this picture summed up my thoughts of summer perfectly}

Walking around campus this morning, with the clear skies and 85 degree Florida sunshine raining down and touching everything, I, for the life of me , could not get summer off my brain!!! It's incredibly close. I feel like I could reach out and dangle my fingers in it.
Summer has that vibe. that feeling. When I think of the word summer, a million senses and thoughts and excitements and memories fill my mind. the smell of sunscreen. ipods. nail polish. sundresses and ponytails. farmer's tan. sun burnt noses. warmth& blistering heat. The amazing feeling of air conditioning and the coolness of icy water in my parched mouth. tank tops. lazy mornings. singing school. burying my feet in cool sand. the slap of flip-flops. spontaneous outings. the closeness of friends and carefree feelings. laughter. Happiness....... bliss.
It could fill this blog to the brim and then some.
These 2 last months are filled with yearning and the brimming of excitement... it's coming.

I would love to know...... when you think summer, what thoughts come to mind? Any big plans for this one coming up?? do share =]

I am house sitting for my boss this week... until Monday.... so computer time has been reduced to the campus success center computer lab in between classes. Once I get back home I cannot wait to post the many many photos I have piling up... and to blog more!

Have a Happy Weekend!!!!!


Antonia said...

When I think summer, I think holidays! The most important part of summer.
I'm not a big fan of summer, because I can't stand the heat, but holidays are great and I have so many plans!
This year I'm planning trips to Sweden, Denmark and Germany! I'm so excited about it.
And I want to get my driving licenses and I don't know where I'll end up at the end of the summer. I'll finish school in June and I have no idea what to do after it.
Well, I really have many plans ;)

BTW, I LOVE your blog! Reading your blog always makes me happy :)

Emily Anne said...

Your whole list made me swoon. That is summer to me too. Sunscreen, glittery nails, popsicles all the time, barely ever having dry hair, warm nights, everyone smiling. My big plans? A trip to New York and maybe back to England for a while to see my friends :)

I love this post. And your blog.


Saura Lnow said...

Dude... you left out singing school :)

Ashley said...

I love summer!! It is absolutely amazing! :D
When I think of summer, I think of friends and youth trips, of warm sun and no school, of lazy days, of shorts and flip-flops (and tank tops, but I don't wear those much anymore), and of swimsuits and cold water. And the 4th of July. And camp and VBS, and Six Flags and float trips (I guess all that stuff fits in with youth trips :P)

I absolutely love spending time with my youth group in the summer, and I'm especially looking forward to this summer.

Hannah Sue said...

ah u sum up my summer sentiments exactly *sigh* can't wait.
hmmm... this summer I'm getting a real job YAY! (sarcasm *ahem*) but I'm getting a new car too hopefully. Oh and I'm coming to Florida. That's always good lol

Anonymous said...

i agree with laura.

Jerk. :P
SINGING SCHOOL!! Is always on my mind!

Dani said...

Wait a minute singing school, the most important part of summer is strangly not on this list.

Oh wait, someone else already mentioned that...