Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For the Record

{egg toss game at singing school}

hmm, it appears that in this recent post
some folks questioned the fact that I didn't mention one of the biggest highlights of every summer!
Harmony Highlands Singing School
I did too mention it!!
for real. I sure did. it's right smack dab in the middle.,... been there the whole time dears.
does this mean you simply skimmed over that post?!
ha ha, no biggie.
I'm just thinking you all want an entire post dedicated about the most delightful week of the year in the Alabama highlands.
sooo, I suppose I will be reminiscing with those who know about it, and filling in for those who don't....very soon. I promise. It truly is a special time I am always looking forward to, I'm desperately crossing my fingers I can attend again this summer.
and for the the record, too....
Your comments mean so much to me!
They make me smile
(and laugh at times)
Thank you! Have a lovely evening!


Ashley said...

I love your blog! :) Your posts are always so happy. If I'm not in a good mood, I will be after reading your latest post.
Keep it up! :D

Saura Lnow said...

How is it there now??? I distinctly remeber scrolling back up and looking for it. :D
I love you Rach!

Dani said...

Laura, I have a sneaky suspicion that someone edited her post to fix that most terrible omission. We can forgive her though, since she did give it her very own post. :D

Whitney said...


2 months. HOLY COW.

Anonymous said...

yeah.holy cow.I agree with Whitney.

I was talking to mom one day and realized something.

I gasped:
"Mom is just ONE MONTH we will recieve the form for singing school! it seemed just like yesterday that we went last year!"

Mom just gave me a "why are you thinking about that and when did this dawn on you?"