Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!!!!

Hello! Hello. Welcome!!!
I am especially excited about this week's Terrific Tuesday!!
Mainly because we all know what happened last week Horrible, wasn't it? But then again, I am merely posting stuff that I myself think is quite the bee's knee's! vewy Terrific. I'm, sure though that it probably bores you most of the time, or perhaps you have already heard about my Terrific thingy....... I sorta apoligize, I just can't help that fact. As for the apology, I only did a partial one because I just find this great fun and don't really care!! ** ginormous grin** So this week's item of the frighteningly GOOD third day of the week is Music. MUSIC!!!!!!! I have to admit, music is my downfall. Oh music, if I could take the time and tell you how much I enjoy you, and sometimes miss you, and am quite fond of you... it would take me until I was an old granny. or perhaps longer. I honestly cannot go a day without playing, humming, singing, yelling, or listening to some sort of tune. Most of the time my music is excessively happy. which drives some people NuTs!! But what can I say? I seem to be drawn towards uplifting melodies. Why would I want to ruin my day by blasting the sound of a guy who sounds like he is being strangled by the Wolverine, or some dude who can just talk really really fast with a few "ah huhhhh, what up" 's thrown in there???
Music is simply a grand gift from God. He gave us voices, and the opportunity to express our emotions through heartfelt melodies. So all day yesterday I was thinking about music, and decided to share with you some of my current favorites that I think are just Terrific from my ipod. I will also put a song from each artist in my playlist on the sidebar>>>
so you can hopefully fall for them yourself. =]

The Group Known as Train- and their Beautiful song called Hey Soul Sister

Greg Laswell. LOVE HIM! and his song How The Day Sounds ...I also like And Then You, and Comes and Goes, Ingrid Michaelson and her song Be Ok Rogue Wave and their very groovy song Lake Michigan
A Fine Frenzy ( LOVE the hair!) and their song Blow Away
Broadcast 2000 and their somewhat quirky but very cool song Get Up And Go
The band Matt & Kim and their song Daylight

ok.... I am seriously getting really carried away here!!! gaaaahhhh and I'm only halfway through. All these artist so far are fabulous and even though i only listed one song for each artist, all their songs are pretty amazing! Basically this is what I have been listening to this past week, so you get to see my wide range of music choices. It changes every week, like say, next week it could be Oldies and the Classics with some Folk music thrown in.... I LOVE oldies.... goodness, can't even go down that road or this post would last forever! I listen to all kinds of music. it's amazing. I hope you enjoyed a small taste of my ipod. I think it's Terrific!!! Any fav songs of yours you would like to add?


Kels said...

Your blog always makes me laugh or atleast smile :)....the "dude who can jst talk really fast with a few 'ah huhhh what up's thrown in there" was my favorite even tho I will be the first to admit some of my best fun is driving down the road blasting rap i luv it - well not all of it but a lot - ....anyways this weeks tuesday was terrific always enjoy reading ur blog girl and ill have to check out some of that music u posted:)

Krysten Hartenstein said...

I always love blogs that introduce me to new music. Thanks!

♥Aubrey said...

You've got me smiling and singing..."hey soul sister...where's your Mr. Mr..." Haha i luv that song :)-