Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spread A Little Joy

Oh I am so giddy and happy and euphoric this morning!!
I slept sooo good last night and woke up before my alarm went off, I just popped up all on my own and felt so well rested.
and booy oh boy were my little 'ole poodle friends so delighted to see me move under my mountain of blankets. heh heh.
I litterly skipped with them to the back door and to let them out.
It's cloudy today, and looks like rain, but I am feeling the extra happy and blessed vibe here.
I have my own little ray of sunshine beaming on me inside and wherever I go.
God, Isn't He just amazing? Thank Him. right now. before you read anymore.
I then had a very happy bowl of HoneyNut Cheerios .....yum yummy yumm-O!
and of course took my vitamines with a cup of OJ.
aaaaaand while eating my breakfast and conversing with my poodle friends in Dutch( they seem to like that even tho I don't know a single lick of Dutch! I just pretend I do! ha ha)
I have this song blasting very loudly in the house.
I mean. Serously. How can you NOT feel pumped up and ready to start your day when this is playing such a wonderful melody?
And the fact that it's a cream cheese commercial song?!
awesome blossom.
I adore cream cheese and bagels!!!
I pretty much put this song in the same ranks as Soul Sister.
yeah it's that good.
This is a GOODY GOOD morning Ya'll!!
Saturday!! Who could feel anything but some shape, form, or small vibe of happy on this day?
SMILE! skip, sing, whistle, talk to your doggies in whatever accent they prefer, and make the best of every blessed moment you have.
I'm off to visit the Horsey's and Ponies!


chelsea rebecca said...

i've seriously ovedosed on bagels and cream cheese these past days. and it couldn't have been better!!!
hurrah for happy mornings and fabulous moods!! hope the rest of you day was just as good!

Hannah Sue said...

aw I love this song now! lol I'm gonna be singing it all day