Monday, January 18, 2010

For She Muses the Monday Muse.

{photo taken by me during our New Years Day Picnic at church}
Hello! oh my dear friends in the happy world of blogging... how I have missed you so!
It is quite baffling how I have come to look forwarding to posting here. It's practically part of my daily world wide web ritual.... I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you ( and if you do not enjoy reading them... ehhh, just dont comment. ha ha) or just letting loose the thoughts all piled up in my mind. It's a good release, and it helps me clear my cluttered brain each day. Thinking positive in the morning by blogging positive always sets a good pace for the rest of the
So how have you been? was your weekend lazy and pleasant? Or was it busy and exciting? As you know I was attending my church's annual January meeting.
3 days of singing, preaching, good fellowship, and fantastic food!
it. was. AMAZING.
I never realized until this past weekend how much a need and appreciate it when our church hosts a meeting. I can escape from the world, from college, from unpleasant folks and temptations. I am surrounded by my church family. what a blessing!
I over 50 brothers and sisters in Christ.
My church holds a special place in my heart, they are such a part of my life, and treat me with the same love and consideration as my own family. I cant even begin to describe to you how close I am to them, from the elderly to the little itty bittys to the middle aged
and young folks in between......we are all on the same page and level.
We all sing hymns together, listen to the same sermons together, pray together, have a big potluck meal prepared by everyone, and, oh my, the hugs!
There is no separation of the "cool" and "uncool" no peer pressure.
This past meeting was especially blessed. I wish I could sprinkle about this whole blog the same feelings and emotions I felt there. beyond words.
I think we all need our monthly escapes from the world, sure, it makes going back SO much harder and uninviting... but it also gives us the strength to face our foes and tribulations. It screws our brains on right.....
Thank goodness for Sundays and Wednesdays too!
I have a few photos, but not as many as I had hoped to take, it was a busy weekend with a family staying in our home and feeding breakfast to 20 people, helping out at church.. it was so good! GOD IS GOOD.
I can feel that this week will be quite delightful, I am determined.

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chelsea rebecca said...

"thank goodness for sundays and wednesday" true that! i so look forward to sunday mornings and wednesday nights! what a wonderful post!!