Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!!!

me ohh my. laa tee daa. hee ho ho hum.
Is it the frighteningly good third day of the week? is this the news I hear? YES! Terrific Tuesday. and what a good good week for it too! people. just 2 more days. ahhhh I am SO excited!!! I have cookies to bake, places to go, gifts to wrap, movies to watch, food to eat, songs to sing, *sigh* such a hard hard life this is. ;] I hope each and every one of you is as giddy as I am and have many pleasant things coming up! Hmmm.... So I guess with all the festivities coming up I didn't really have a chance to put as much thought into the Terrific Tuesday Item as I normally do. and then several ideas hit me at once,but I can only do ONE item..right? WRONG! H.e.l.l.o.!! this IS in fact my blog, and even better it's Christmas Time!! I can do as many as I please, yes I do believe that would make this post extra happy =] So these are kinda spur of the moment thoughts, but Christmas is all about giving, and sharing, and such. so i do believe it will work together very nicely.
#1 Terrific Blogs You Should Visit.
Each one of these blogs I personally follow and look forward to reading everyday. they are cute, witty, fun, lovely, delightful, and all things happy. I'm sharing them with you, and perhaps you already do visit them... but for those of you who haven't... you will not be sorry. make my day and theirs by simply clicking and enjoying!
Elizabeth at E TELLS TALES
she is simply a delight and has such good taste!
The title of her blog says it all =]
Aubrey at Made You Blush
amazing amazing splendid
#2 Terrific Photo Sites!
so Christmas means loads of pictures,
and that means you may want to edit with a few, or play around.
and these 2 photo editing sites are free and SO much fun!
Great for creating memories and making scrapbooks.
even if you have already visited them....go ahead and play some more =D
Picnik gahh, this site is adorable!
Rollip think Polaroid , readers. and enjoy. =]
#3 Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas



Julia said...

one of my fave thing about christmas is wrapping the gifts!

Elizabeth said...

You are super sweet for the compliment and things are looking fabulous around here!