Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One, Two. One, Two. One, Two.

Last night I went to a party.
A real. legit. party.
you know... the ones where they have dancing and music?

Now, do not be shocked.. or gasp in surprise once you hear of this..
But I have never been dancing. like real dancing. in my life.
Sure, I've danced at home, or been silly, dancing around with friends. I love to dance.
But with another person? or in a line with lots of people?
nope. never.

I was super excited about the party, but very anxious as well.
Some of you may know that I am not too light on my feet at times.. and extremely accident prone.

In fact, while getting ready for the party.. I raaan into the bathroom and the floor was wet.
I practically fall flat on me head, thank goodness my reflexes were working for once and I caught myself. I did end up with a very sore wrist.
Oh dear, not even at the party and I'm already tripping.

So first we all did line dancing. Oh my! You should have seen me! I was going the wrong way, misstepping, and stepping on many peoples toes. I crashed into a few as well.
It was extremely delightful tho.... we did so many different line dances that I was constantly mixing them up.. but it was FUN! I laughed so much. =]

And then, I had the chance to dance with a very kind, considerate, and brave young man.
He showed me how to do some sort of dance.. I cannot remember it right now.. swing dancing? I think. I have never danced with someone else, and I thankfully did not step on his feet.. but I am afraid I was so focused on just that one thing that I was quite a site!! It was pleasantly and surprisingly fun though! even though I did keep turning the wrong way.

I believe I am going to try more of this dancing thing... it was more fun than I had imagined... and so far everyone I danced with or beside to is stil my friend! thank goodness.

perhaps I will post pictures if I find any.


Anonymous said...

i love dancing!

all kinds,of course

Together We Save said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Dani said...

Swing dancing is groovy!

Elizabeth said...

I learned how to two-step...which is sort of like swing Europe with a boy from Arizona. Random, I know, but it was the first time I've enjoyed dancing :0